Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Photo Restoration

restore photographs
Have you ever admired antique photographs in someone’s house until you asked about the identity of the people in the pictures?
Too often, the reply is, “Oh, I don’t know.  I just liked it.”
Few of us purchase new picture frames and leave in the flimsy image of two smiling models on their “wedding day.”  So, why do people hang strangers who lived long ago on their walls?
The answer is simple.  Antique photographs provide a sense of history and timeless beauty, which can enhance any décor.
As for the strangers part… few old photographs survive in good condition.  The same light that creates photographs destroys them.  Other enemies include moisture, temperature, and microscopic critters that literally eat the photographic paper.  That is, if the previous generation didn’t crush the picture in the back of the junk drawer.
What of negatives?  Those are no more indestructible than the pictures developed from them.  Too many people count on negatives never took care to protect them to find themselves heartbroken when precious memories are lost forever.
Part of the allure of old photographs is the patina they’ve acquired over the years.  Premier Portraits Studio can ensure the lifespan of old photographs and the memories they hold.  We restore faded photographs, often finding hidden details lost over the decades, or adjust the coloring of new portraits so older and newer generations can hand side by side in a way that focuses on family resemblances than the differences in photography over the past century.
Our quality photographic studio can restore old images, removing wrinkles, stains, or areas where the paper shows through as a white blotch.  Those areas can be dots or large areas and neither makes for an attractive piece of artwork on any wall.
Missing pieces of any picture can be a challenge to restore and it takes skill and experience to do it properly.
There’s an old joke, where a man brought in a photograph of his two uncles after they passed away.  He asked the studio to remove their hats, as the men were never seen during their lives without something covering their hair.
The photographer replied, “I can do that, but tell me which way they parted their hair.”
The man said, “Dunno.  I figure you’ll find out when you take off the hats.”

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