Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Keep Your Child Safe with a Security Portrait

Parents take on many roles with their children, from friend to advisor to teacher to protector.  That last role may be the least fun but one way to ensure that you offer your child the safest future is to prepare for those things that will hopefully never happen.
One of the most powerful tools available to parents with today’s technology is the current photograph.  Think back to the photograph images that exist from your own childhood and realize the gaps of time between those photos.  Today, we take pictures so often that we use a quick snapshot instead of describing an item in the store or something interesting we’ve seen during our day.
There are several elements that distinguish a good security photograph from the many pictures we take, including selfies.  For one thing, a good identity picture will be an accurate representation of your child’s distinguishing features and that can be important to ensure that people and facial recognition software programs have the best opportunity of recognizing a missing boy or girl.
Access is another critical factor in creating a security picture.  You want that image to be easily accessible to law enforcement officials.  If you should lose a student ID picture, you want to be able to get a replacement in as short a timeframe as possible.
Security is always a double edged knife, where you want to be able to get to the information with as little trouble as possible but prevent access for others.  A picture and identifying information such height, weight, birthmarks, and fingerprints can help protect your child or be used against him or her.  A good portrait studio can help you secure this vital information.
If your child goes missing, call 911 first.  Premier Portraits Studio will be there to help with whatever you need but make sure you start the process of finding your little boy or girl as soon as possible.
Realize that we don’t pay attention to details during a busy day.  Try this exercise, describe what your child was wearing when he or she left the house today.  Most people aren’t sure and many have to look down to remember what they chose to wear.  This sort of detail can be very important in an emergency and, if the day is without incident, living in the moment and noticing the little things about those we love is a good way to enjoy each other.
BRIEF SUMMARY: Premier Portraits Studio addresses the critical topic of security and how a good identifying portrait can help locate a missing child.

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