Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Everyone Needs a Business Portrait

Whether you are new to business or been around for awhile, you will need a great business portrait also known as a headshot. Photos are powerful and serve as a versatile form of content. They represent your brand and it is more important than ever to use a professional photographer.

We have all heard the saying “A picture is worth a thousand words.” Living in the era of online profiles, websites and customer review portals, potential clients are often visiting these sites prior to using your services. As a potential client visits these sites, whether they want to or not, they look at your portrait and make assumptions. You want those assumptions to come across as - credible, professional and set to impress!

When it comes to business expenses, hiring a professional photographer should be on the top of your list. Business portraits can be used for your website, business cards, company brochures, and online social media profiles. They serve as a great resource to enhance your marketing material as well as gives a potential client a personal touch to showcase who you are prior to ever meeting.

Need a traditional headshot? Have a business team seeking individual as well as group portraits? We can come to your place of business or schedule sessions in our studio to get you what you need in a prompt, timely manner. Put your best year forward and get a professional business portrait today!