Thursday, July 11, 2013

Finding the Right Wedding Photographer

Marriage.  That moment in time when it is absolutely critical that a woman asks the right – although tough – questions to ensure the success of her relationship with that oh-so-important person… her wedding photographer.
Yeah, there is a groom but those are a bunch of different questions.
Choosing the right photographer for your wedding day makes everything go much smoother. It can mean the difference between a warm, gushy feeling as she looks on those pictures or a cringe of regret for years to come.
It is our philosophy that wedding photographers should create beautiful portraits with minimum distraction on your wedding day. Guests and others in the wedding will not even notice our presence. We believe in photographing a wedding in a manner and style that captures the events of the day. We want to show people in a relaxed and happy environment.

The first question you should ask yourself when choosing a photographer is, professional photographer or amateur?  We’ll come back to that one, it’s one that a lot of couple start with but isn’t a good starting point.
Best start with who you are and what you want.  Do you want a photographer to be posing you throughout the day or one that can get great candids?  Remember, you’ll be busy on your big day.  If your photographer is counting on you to remind him or her that there needs to be a shot with Great Uncle George and another with all of your female cousins, you had best have a lot of energy, organization, or an easy going spirit if some of the shots are missed.
What photographic style do you like?  Take the time to see samples.  Do faces look happy or is there a theme of impatience, which indicates people felt they were away from the fun too long and frustrated with the photographer?  You’ll also get fresh ideas for your photos.  Is the photographer willing to do something other than the cookie-cutter poses?

That said, some traditional poses are really worth having… the walk down the aisle, the first kiss… does the photographer do these well?
What do you get for your money?  Do you get the photographer you’ve interviewed and decided is a good person or is there going to be a surprise?  You’ll be spending at least as much time with that person as your wedding party so don’t pick someone you can’t stand.  Will you be able to get digital images or must you and family members buy reprints from the photographer?  What is the cost and quality of those?
Now, back to the first question… you can’t take your own photographs so you have to find someone you trust.  If you’re thinking of having a friend do the photography to keep costs down, ask these same questions of the friend.  While you may save some dollars, hiring a professional like Premier Portraits may save you much more in terms of lost images that can never be recreated or an ugly argument with a soon to be ex-friend.

Wedding & Engagement Information 
– We have over thirty years experience creating memories that will last a lifetime!

·      Engagement Sessions:
Take place at our studio or on location.
Several different poses and background to choose from.
Background replacement capabilities, which allows us to use almost any background you can imagine.
To compliment your session we have “Save the Date” cards available.
·      Photography Services:
Proof book with all your images.
DVD slideshow with images and music of your choosing.
Private online gallery for easy ordering.
Photographers full attention for the day.
·      Video Services:
1-2 hours of fully edited video.
One manned and one stationary camera.
Wireless microphones used during the ceremony.
·      Albums:
Based on cover, number of pages, photos and size of album, we work with you in selecting the album that is right for you. We will even design the album to beautifully showcase your special day.

Prices vary, please call for details.

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