Thursday, October 3, 2013

Using E-Cards for Business

You’ve probably received an e-card to celebrate your birthday or a holiday.
Did you know that these digital versions of printed greeting cards are gaining popularity with small businesses, large corporations, and non-profit organizations?  And we don’t mean employees sending e-cards to each other, “Roses are red, violets are blue, hope your birthday is as special as you.” Click here for an example.
There is a wide range of professional uses for e-cards – from internal announcements to expressions of gratitude to customers, thanking them for their business.
E-cards are effective and innovative communications tools and competitively priced.
What’s so effective?  The way that e-cards convey a company’s branding and marketing.  The medium is ripe with possibilities for imagery and words that accomplish the goals of branding and marketing – reinforcing a trustworthy impression.
Premier Portraits can help your business or organization select the content of your imagery and then recommend effective ways to structure that content.  
  • Do you want to announce a new product or reward loyal customers?  
  • Are you asking donors for a contribution and would you like to portray the people already helped by past gifts?  
Your message can be an effective mix of your successful history and a great call to action that inspires responses.
Colors and graphics are just as important and must be balanced with the words you choose for your e-card.  Premier Portraits can help you with inspiration and proven case studies.
Recipients like e-cards because they’re visually stimulating; it takes seconds to read them.  Your message is more likely to receive attention in an e-card format but, bad news, attention spans are short.  We can craft that message to say everything in a few short words… without mentioning roses or violets.
Call Premier Portraits to get your message or holiday greeting out in an effective and budget-friendly manner that also happens to be very environmentally kind.

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