Tuesday, January 13, 2015

What Should A Good Portrait Cost?

Parents know that it’s expensive to raise a child.  It seems there is another thing to buy every day and, after a while, mom and dad can become a bit numb to the reality of how those numbers add up.  If the kid needs it, the kid needs it.

Raising children also leaves little free time and who wants to use those precious moments to compare prices?  Especially when you might be price shopping for something that you won’t pay for on a regular basis, like a school portrait package.  Parents can easily justify turning a blind eye to the cost of a school portrait, or any other formal photograph for that matter, just to get that task done.

PremierPortraits Studio wants to help by giving you a guideline.  If you are paying $15 or more for the lowest portrait package, you are paying too much.

We recommend that you pay $8 to 10 for a package that includes one 5x7 portrait, four wallet pictures, and one class photo.

Price can change depending on special requests such as background.  Premier Portraits Studio offers 16 different backgrounds.  We can also offer specialservices such as retouching.

When you select your formal portrait photographer, look for the quality of work in both the picture and the session.  Will you receive individualized attention during a photo shoot?  Is the photographer relaxed and confident in her or her skill set?  That sort of rapport translates into an ability to put a subject at ease and therefore get a better facial expression.

Will the professional photographer charge extra for accommodating special requests such as including personal objects in a photo?  It takes a few moments to set up a shot with more items in it and, if your son or daughter is a star athlete, a ball might be the perfect expression of his or her personality.  That should be a fun aspect, not an additional expense when creating a professional portrait.

Hopefully, this guideline and tips will help you select the right photographer for your family and student portraits.