Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Get the Most from Your School Portraits

What should you expect from a school portrait?  Today’s answer is… a lot.
It starts with the image itself.  Premier Portrait Studio offers 16 different backgrounds and that can make a big difference in how your child appears in the picture.  While most professional photographers can do retouching, doing it well is an art and the final effect should flatter your child without ever being noticed.  Don’t forget, Murphy’s Law will be strictly enforced on portrait day.  If your child eats a leafy green thing only one day of the year, that day will be the same day as the official school portrait and the veg will stick to a front tooth.
But, what about the other aspects of school portraits?  The ordering process should be easy and flexible.  Premier Portraits Studio offers a Second Chance form.  If you are busy and forget to order by picture day, or even just change your mind and decide you want copies, you can use the same two methods of ordering as if you elect to buy portraits before they’re taken – with the form or online.
As for products… picture options are no longer just about size.  Sure, you can decide on 5x7 or bigger or make sure that there are enough wallet size copies for everyone in the family to carry and display at will.  But, you can also order unique items that make great gifts, such as magnets that allow grandparents to enjoy their grandchildren in a different way than the traditional picture.
Display isn’t the only purpose of a good picture of your child.  Premier Portraits Studio provides two child safe cards for the parents of every student.  The cards describe what to do if the child goes missing and includes a random password.  Parents can access their children’s photos 24/7 from our secure web site; all passwords are randomly generated and names are not attached to photos.
Finally, Premier Portraits Studio never forgets that your student is part of a class.  We provide programs to help with fundraising for school events, such as panoramic photos of the graduating class, family portrait night, holiday portrait night, and spring time family portrait night.  Imagine the fun as you view, choose, and receive your pictures during those special nights.

So, expect a lot from your school portrait experience and let Premier Portraits Studio be part of this memorable time in your child’s life.

PremierPortraits Studio is locally owned and operated at 260 East St in Plainville, CT and is committed to supporting the community with quality service and portraits. 860.410.4303