Thursday, August 8, 2013

Spruce Up Your Website

Summer is a good time to update portraits and product photos on a website because the pressure is off.
While a few businesses are busy now, many slow down as employees take time off and some workplaces even close.  Given that the population is not in high gear, there is an opportunity to develop new web content and roll it out with a bit of fanfare when the weather cools and people get back into a productive mode.
Why include staff portraits on your website?  Websites are virtual storefronts and pictures tell stories formerly communicated in person.  A portrait can convey subtle messages of trust, dependability, and confidence.  Customers will want to receive your product or service because they’ll anticipate satisfaction… all based on the non-verbal communication expressed on a face.
Those pictures can also describe quality of service – an important component of every business.  There are enough messages in the media and in classrooms telling business owners how to delight customers and meet expectations that customers know they can expect a rich experience when they conduct business.  Or, they can take that business elsewhere.
What are the important aspects of a web portrait?  A good one should capture the subject’s confidence in his or her job skills.  Premier Portraits knows that’s not easy because most people will forget just about everything, including their names, when facing a camera lens.  All too often, the people most comfortable in their job will be very, very uncomfortable when photographed.  We learned how to relax people and get them to be themselves.
Product photos may seem less involved but don’t be fooled.  There are subtleties that make it difficult to capture inanimate objects at their most appealing.
Which brings up the idea of post processing.  There are often little details that ruin an otherwise perfect portrait or product photo.  A professional photographer has the tools and skills to quickly fix the problem.
So, consider using the summer productively to boost your business and elevate your web presence.

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