Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Lighting and Portraits

The best lighting available is that from Mother Nature.
It’s lucky then that the weather turns comfortable and the days grow longer, giving us more access to that great light to capture some of the biggest milestone moments in our lives – graduations and weddings.
If you’re shooting indoors, find the largest window and pose your subject toward the glass to get a soft, natural lighting effect.
By positioning people at an angle to the window, you can get different lighting effects.  Use a large white object to reflect light onto the shadow side of your subject.  A white umbrella, large sheet of stiff paper or poster board or even a sheet will work well.
Pay attention to where the sun is in the sky.  You don’t have to know that the window is west facing if the late afternoon light is burning through the panes of glass… you need to pay attention to the amount of light coming in and if that amount is going to create a harsh effect.  If you can’t see the source of the light, the effect will be softer.
The same thing goes for posing outside.  The new greenery makes for a great backdrop but don’t shoot into the sun or place your subject in the dappled shade under a tree.
Use a tripod.  Whether indoors or out, those three legs will be steadier than your hand and give a sharper, clearer photograph.
Take the time to learn the features of your camera.  Most equipment will offer more just flash on or off.  Is the scene right for enough flash to remove red-eye or maybe just enough more to fill in shadow areas?
Practice.  Don’t wait until the family has gathered from far away to start learning how light will effect your shots.  Despite the fact that digital cameras offer instant results, none of your subjects will want to wait while you work through trial and error to get the right effect.  Their exasperation will appear on their faces and can ruin a once-in-a-lifetime moment.
Finally, consider a professional portrait.  Premier Portraits is able to offer the security of knowing that these important shots will come out as beautifully as you anticipate the moment will be.

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