Thursday, April 24, 2014

Supporting Schools with the Right Photographic Products

Schools are finding themselves between the rock of tight budgets and the hard place of funding increased security.
Premier Portraits Studio is aware of the budget cuts coming from municipalities filled with overburdened taxpayers and the state’s attempts to straighten out its complicated system.  We remember our own school portraits – getting out the good clothes… the dire warnings against making funny faces… the anticipation of waiting to see how the picture came out… presenting gifts to grandparents… finally realizing that you can’t date any family pictures by the portraits sitting on furniture in the background because these things stayed around forever.  Our family loved us enough to dust us for decades.
While some changes are good – digital picture technology means no guessing as to how the shot came out – we want to offer kids the same old-fashioned joy we felt and make portrait time a special time.
We can also support the unsung heroes of this whole experience, the administrative staff, by offering the right photographic packages and products at the right prices.
Premier Portraits Studio’s digital service department can customize items to suit each school’s needs.
·         Our Administrative CD provides an image CD staff members can use to load student pictures into your school software program, including Power School and IPass.
·         We can produce wall, desk, and monthly calendars for office staff and secretaries.
·         Sticky Prints offer two photos of each student, ready for permanent record files and teacher projects.
·         Our identification cards support critical student safety programs with sturdy plastic cards for the kids, faculty, and staff, designed to a school’s custom design specifications (barcodes to describe student ID numbers, grade, homeroom, teacher, etc. while protecting this data from strangers).
·         We can also produce complementary ID badges for visitors, volunteers, and substitute teachers.
·         One of our more popular middle school items is the Mug Book, featuring each student organized by grade and name.
Call Premier Portraits today to start your successful school portrait program with packages to fit parents needs, the largest background selection in the state, and experienced portrait photographers.
Fast efficient delivery of your photographs and your administration products are standard business practice with Premier Portraits.

PremierPortraits Studio is locally owned and operated at 260 East St in Plainville, CT and is committed to supporting the community with quality service and portraits. 860.410.4303