Friday, December 11, 2015

Holiday Memory Checklist

It’s once again time to break out the eggnog and glazed ham, the candy canes and hot cocoa, and of course, Grandma’s legendary peppermint stick chocolates . . . yummy!

With the Holidays right around the corner, the to-do list is already becoming congested (along with your sinuses), leaving no reason not to consult the photography professionals at Premier Photos to make your Holidays a memorable occasion!

Premier specializes in family portraits of all types, with no pets left behind. We will work with you on backgrounds and poses that show you and your family at best!

Since the Holidays are a time of gift giving, here are some tips we offer to you and your family during and in preparation for the session (including some DIY):

·      Keep calm and relaxed. It’s a good idea to settle any feelings of shyness or reluctance prior to shooting to ensure that your family can be captured at its best spirits. Laughter is a must!

·      Research ways to set up a simple home studio. (Hint: For a simple, cheap backdrop, simply hang up a white bed sheet).

·      Take as many photos as possible! It’s important to capture enough to work with, considering the extensive amount of easy-to-use, photo-editing tools available to the general market. Quantity allows for quality.

·      Since t-shirts with logos tend to be distracting, keep it simple by wearing holiday-themed colors without large graphics.

·      Make it personal: Bring to the session any personal artifacts (like toys and stuffed animals, or even ornaments) you feel are worth presenting in your portraits, for they could aid in representing your family’s true spirit!

·      Last, but not least, don’t smile! (What?) Yes, we meant to say that. Forcing a smile will only create phony expressions. Remember that “laughter is a must” comment in bullet-point #1? At that moment, it’s a great idea to pick on each other to get the humor rolling.

Give your season’s greetings to your relatives in style this year, and remember to feast like a king!