Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Why Switch Photographers?

The experience of seeing the little faces shined up and ready for a formal portrait should be one of the highlights of the school year but, if you’re frustrated with the service from your current photographer, Premier Portraits Studio suggests you consider five reasons to make a change.
To us, at Premier Portraits Studio, professionalism is more than equipment, paper, or dressing well to demonstrate respect for the schools where we take pictures.  It’s an attitude among our photographers that comes from training so we all know how to work with children to get their best side and how to marry the two worlds of the latest digital photographic technology with the people who are the spotlight of our portraits.
Best Fundraising Commissions
Premier Portraits Studio will match your previous year’s commission or you’ll receive ours, whichever is greater.  We also offer signing bonuses for our customers who commit to long-term contracts with us.
Fast Turnaround
Your finished prints are in your hands within three weeks.  We guarantee that and deliver before your December break.  Your needs are important to us and we respect the way in which the school calendar progresses.
Customer Service
We are a local business and our reputation is important to us.  We promise fast, accurate, and friendly service because that is who we want to be to our neighbors and friends.  When people smile at the name Premier Portraits Studio, it makes us proud
Again, as a local business, we offer unique advantages.  The entire photographic process stays within Connecticut, supporting the economy in which your students will grow.  As an active part of this community, we have contributed over $500,000 to events and efforts that enliven and enrich our area.

Finally, it comes down to people.  Portraits are pictures of those we love and who better to take those images and make them into lasting, treasured mementos that someone who is a neighbor, friend, and trusted partner in the school portrait adventure?

PremierPortraits Studio is locally owned and operated at 260 East St in Plainville, CT and is committed to supporting the community with quality service and portraits. 860.410.4303