Thursday, October 15, 2015

Premier Welcomes the Legendary Photo Booth

Premier Portraits has been offering on-site printing since the late 90’s. On-site printing is a convenient and awesome addition to your event, but it does lend itself to more traditional photography. That’s why we added a photo booth rental to our arsenal of services. But how does a photo booth enhance your event?

A photo booth allows people to be goofy and often captures them in their natural state.  There’s no one behind a camera directing you to pose, so people are encouraged to be creative in their own way!  They can use props and costume pieces that we provide free of charge. Also, have you ever been to a school dance or corporate event and everyone is too shy to get up and mingle? A photo booth is an instant solution!

Pleasure is our priority. We provide setup, operational assistance and tear-down to ensure a smooth experience. Your job of planning entertainment for a school dance or corporate event is now made easier.  

Premier Portraits Studio provides professional photography services you can count on. Photo booths are great for: wedding receptions, bar and bat mitzvahs, corporate events, holiday parties, prom, birthday parties, family reunions, tradeshows, fundraisers, graduation parties and more.