Thursday, February 6, 2014

Get the Pictures You Want

Progress usually means that new things come into our lives and old stuff leaves.  Premier Portraits Studio believes that sometimes, the best life has a combination of the old and new.
If you’ve been sending your photos to a big box store for processing, you’ve probably become used to the same basic photo options and maybe you don’t realize that you can get more for your money.
For example, if you think that you can only get two or three photo sizes, think again.  Premier Portraits Studio can print your photo on paper up to 44 inches long.  Think of what you can do with a big print of your favorite photo or the smile on someone’s face when they see what you’ve done with their image.
As for types of paper, we usually print on luster paper but we can do canvas, glossy, and metallic paper, too.
Now, think back to the last family gathering, when you managed to get the timer on your camera to work.  You almost have the perfect shot but someone blinked and there was a little something off in the picture.  Premier Portraits Studio can professionally touch-up your photos and make them perfect.
That shot can be printed on canvas and become the focal point of a room as opposed to the imperfect shot in a standard 5x7 frame that is overlooked so often you begin to wonder why you bother to dust it.
All this may sound old-fashioned and, while we do offer a personalized service reminiscent of days gone by, we use 21st century techniques to receive electronic copies of your pictures and, in most cases, can turn around a print job in 24 hours.
If you’re busy and want to save time and gas, we can ship your prints for $5 and accept payment over the phone.
Otherwise, we’re happy to see you in the Premier Portraits Studio and we are happy to make payment easy with MasterCard, Visa, Discover, checks or cash.
Contact us today to learn what you can do beyond those basic prints and become excited about your photography again!

PremierPortraits Studio is locally owned and operated at 260 East St in Plainville, CT and is committed to supporting the community with quality service and portraits. 860.410.4303