Thursday, November 13, 2014

Professional Photography as Art and Business

How does Premier Portraits Studio offer the best portraits at the best prices?  Really, it comes down to knowing the dual nature that is the art and business of professional photography.

Over many years we’ve refined the business to be more efficient and easier not only for our portrait customers but for ourselves.  Take setup and breakdown for example.  We’re in control of that equipment at all times.  Our portrait cameras and wide selection of backgrounds goes up in the right order so that we focus on our students and taking the best school picture possible.  There’s no confusion during our portrait sittings and, when a portrait photographer is relaxed, the portrait subjects relax.  We get better photos.
Customers also appreciate, and often share their surprise, when we’re out of the school quickly and cleanly.  We know we’re guests at your school and we appreciate the honor of your invitation to take your school portraits.
We’re proud of our equipment.  That’s really an area where the lines of art and business blur.  It’s important to use the latest photographic technology to ensure the best product for our customers but, frankly, as professional photographers, we’re delighted with the equipment ability to really capture the spirit of our subjects.  We feel great when parents tell us that we were able to portray what makes each child unique.
Pricing is another area in which we excel.  We guarantee to price match our competition.  We offer multiple ordering methods, all of which are easy to use and accurate so you get the photographic packages you want.  Orders come out right and our customers are very happy.  We can even offer individual photo ordering!
If you ask us whether Premier Portraits Studio is a business or an art studio, we’ll proudly answer, “Yes.  We are both.”
PremierPortraits Studio is locally owned and operated at 260 East St in Plainville, CT and is committed to supporting the community with quality service and portraits. 860.410.4303