Monday, June 15, 2015

Get Ready for Your Senior Portrait

Senior year of high school is a busy time filled with new experiences.  Having your portrait taken for your high school yearbook is just one of these events that you’ll remember for a long time to come.
Premier Portraits Studio wants to help you enjoy it to the fullest by providing a handy checklist you can use to make sure your portrait sitting is fun!
The first step is to schedule an appointment with your professional photographer.  Talk with the studio to pick a time of day that suits you.  For example, if you really are not going to get out of bed early on a weekend, then don’t try to drag yourself out of the house only to immortalize a cranky expression or miss the appointment entirely.  Also, don’t try to squeeze a sitting into an already overscheduled day.  Allow yourself time to relax so that you can give your professional photographer your full attention.
A few weeks before the formal portrait sitting, think about what you want to wear.  This can be a social time so consider inviting your friends over to shop your own closet.  Also, take some advice from your parents.  You may not consider them to be the most fashion forward people on the planet but they have done the year book photo thing and can offer you the benefit of experience.
At least one week before your appointment, give your outfit a dry run.  You don’t want to be hunting for your favorite necklace or the right tie when you should be on the road and headed to the studio.  Also, think about any props you want to hold or have in the frame.  Are you into sports?  Proud of an academic accomplishment?  A good photographer will offer a number of poses so feel free to experiment a little during your sitting.
It’s a good idea to get your hair cut several days or a week before the portrait sitting.  The best advice is to have your school picture taken with the hairstyle you usually wear to school.  The idea is that you like this style best and it reflects your personality.  If you want to experiment, do so with enough time to work out any issues before the portrait is taken.
On the day, there will be grooming that cannot be done ahead of time.  That includes shaving and perhaps an updo if that’s what you’ve decided… and tried with success well before the big day.  It’s a good idea to bring your outfit with your props rather than wear the clothing to the photographer’s studio, especially if there is a chance you’ll get the clothing dirty by stopping for a quick bite.

Premier Portraits Studio sends best wishes to all graduates!  This really is a special time and we’d be honored to provide you with the photographs that will bring your memories back to you time and again.