Thursday, December 5, 2019

Why Your Company Holiday Party Needs a Photobooth

There are plenty of reasons for your company holiday party to have a photobooth! It is a fun and exciting addition to any party or event and will provide a fun-filled experience in a variety of ways.

Customizable, Branded Photos
Colors, company logo, hashtags, branded message - all of this can be customized to represent your company which will serve as a keep-sake for your employees. They can hang up in their cubicle or office, or can bring home to share with their families and friends. It will continue to live-on as a cheerful, positive experience. If shared on social media, the photos will enhance your company's presence online and will show that you are a company that works hard, but also knows how to treat their employees and can have a little fun.

Build Office Morale
Oftentimes, employees are friends, not co-workers. Most of us spend more time at work then with our families. A photobooth will switch up your “all work no play” policy and provide a fun experience for employees to kick-back, relax and have some fun. Instead of gathering around the water cooler - the photobooth will serve as a way to interact with one another in a more down to earth, fun atmosphere. The holiday work party will carry over into the workplace, so why not create a positive experience that brings everyone together and builds morale.

It’s Fun!
Of course, the top reason for adding a photo booth to your party is simply that is fun! With exciting props, fun backdrops, and super creative photo options, all of your guests will get to loosen up a little and have fun. They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Imagine the story you’ll be able to tell from a couple hundred pictures!

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