Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Smartphone Camera versus DSLR Professional Camera

Smartphone cameras are far superior than they used to be and can be a great alternative to lugging around bulky lighting equipment. However, when it comes to professional photographs, smartphones are not nearly as efficient as a DSLR Camera.

  1. Capturing tight spaces. Even with a wide angle attachment for a smartphone, capturing a tight space such as a bathroom for a real estate listing will come out looking tiny. 
  2. Flash. A smartphones flash is no different from a pen light. It is tiny and direct. A DSLR lens takes in a broader range of light and disperses light more evenly making the image look more natural. 
  3. Quality. Even on a high resolution; smartphone cameras often come out grainy and darker, not giving the photograph the quality it deserves. Sure, you can use a filter, but even those don’t offer many variations. A professional photograph can adjust their camera on the fly and provide a quality far superior than a smartphone camera. 
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