Tuesday, July 7, 2020

As a professional photographer I have come across many photo malfunctions such as a blown zipper,  missing button or bee sting. It is important to plan ahead for your portrait or wedding sessions which will reduce stress in the long run.  My portrait and wedding photography survival kit consists of the following items:

  1. Mirror. This is probably the most obvious in the list. Other than touching up makeup and fixing a hair out of place, a mirror can also be used to reflect light.
  2. Powder. If hot or humid, skin tends to get shiny and oily. Translucent powder will minimize the shine.
  3. Bobby pins, safety pins, clamps...oh’ my! Whether it be pinning down flyaway hair, keeping your undershirt strap out of the shot or securing items in and out of place, these items can become your best friend on photo day.
  4. Bug spray. Shooting outdoors, especially after a rain storm or muggy day it is safe to bring bug spray.
  5. Lint roller. Everything shows up in photos!
  6. Tide stick. Accidents can happen at any time and anywhere. Be safe, not sorry.
  7.  Water. Stay hydrated. I can’t count the times I have taken photos where people have gotten light headed.
  8. Benadryl and Aspirin. Nothing ruins a photo day more than an allergic reaction or stress headache.
  9. Sewing Kit and Small Scissors. A loose button, a popped zipper or worse a loose string that won’t come unraveling. These two items will come in handy.
  10. Hangers. This last item may sound silly, but when taking photographs many like to change outfits. Be prepared with a few hangers so that clothes remain wrinkle free.
These ten items have served me well over the years for school portraits, engagement photos and especially on wedding days! Check our full list of services at http://www.ctpremierphotos.com/

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