Thursday, May 12, 2016

Eight Reasons Why You Want a Photo Booth at Your Next Event

Hosting a photo booth makes for an excellent addition to virtually any celebration, from bar and bat mitzvahs to wedding receptions. Their gift of bringing guests together and promoting an overall sense of merriment have given rise to an increasing popularity. You will likely spot one next time you attend a festive gathering. Still not getting the picture? Here are 9 solid reasons why the photo booth takes the crown for the ultimate party favor:

1. They’re budget-friendly.

Photo booths are so common in today’s party scene that they are available for almost any occasion, making them relatively affordable. While pricing varies due to additional features and rental times, a booth will generally start at $500.

2. They’re great for any occasion

From corporate gatherings to quinceaneras, photo booths fit like a glove. Their age-friendly nature and ability to amp up the entertainment make them unique for any special occasion.

3. They run themselves

Photo booths require little to no work on your part as a host, which is great for an event with which you want to be more involved. Most photo booth companies start their time clocks only while the camera is rolling, meaning you are not charged for set up/break down of equipment, which keeps your wallet nice and heavy.

4. They provide photo customization to correspond with any event

Get creative! Choose between color schemes, watermarked logos, added graphics, and many other options to ensure that your photo strips represent you and your celebration.

5. Props are included to help bring out the true animal in you and your friends

Halloween comes twice a year in the photo booth world. The chances of you finding oversized glasses, 80’s hair metal wigs, dunce caps (let’s hope not), and other glorious props are not only likely, but are guaranteed.

6. They allow unlimited fun 

To cater best to those whose life mission is to exercise every prop available, or to those who are simply addicted to endless selfie-taking, all companies offer unlimited pictures throughout an event. To further extend convenience, photos are emailed to the host after the festivities have come to a close.

7. They are often available to be bundled with other services

The less you have to do as a host, the more fun and freedom you will have during your party. This is why many companies offer packages that bundle together different services in addition to the photo booth, including photographers, videographers and more.

8. You can personalize photos

In addition to being customizable, you can also bring in your own props to further personalize the experience. The options are endless!

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