Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Four Tips For Capturing Summer Scenery with Portrait Photography in Connecticut

Summer is the season for everything outdoors. With the arrival of vibrant blossoms and golden sunsets, your portraits are guaranteed to come to life.

1. Family Portrait Photography

It’s simple, really. The summer season, with its warm and cozy temperatures, provides exquisite scenery for family photos. Whether it’s the household garden or the nearest beach, the outside world puts a smile on every face.

2. Seaside Portrait Photography

The ocean is perhaps the most calming setting for some quality shots. Although it can be messy, the beach and surrounding scenery is a popular spot. Post up by a pier for a more traditional shot, or do some exploring down by the rocks to uncover coastal creatures.

Despite the beautiful view, it’s vital to avoid sand, which easily finds its way into your camera gear. Be sure to keep your camera inside its carrying case in between shots, and even look up the tide patterns for the day prior to arriving (unless you’re a great swimmer!)

3. Sunrise and Sunset Portrait Photography

The other great fact about summer time is being able to comfortably watch a sunrise and sunset without shivering. This makes for opportune conditions to capture the rise and fall of the day. Preceding your journey, look up sunrise and sunset times, either via newspaper or the Internet (which is likely to be more accurate).

4. Landscape and Wildlife Portrait Photography

Spring and summer comes with color. It’s no mystery that shooting during the warm seasons provides beautiful results. During close range shots, a smaller aperture will help define details close-up, such as a single flower out of a bunch.

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